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There are many challenges which come to each person in the game of life. While it is true that life is a puzzle which needs to be figured out, we can make a success of it. We need to take each piece at a time and put it in the proper place. In order to improve one’s self and find happiness in life, the puzzle pieces need to fit.

When we start out in life, we don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle. Sometimes we get puzzle pieces which are difficult to figure out where they go. New pieces might not fit into the puzzle, but eventually it may all come together to create the answers.

Memories and love are pieces of the puzzle. Love brings happiness. When we do things that have meaning in our life, we can place them into our memory. These memories help to bring joy in remembering the good times which happened. They help to make a good puzzle picture and create happiness.

When Americans of Japanese heritage were placed into the American concentration camps of World War II, their experiences of incarceration created some bad memories. Although the camps did not contain the horror of the concentration camps where Jewish people were held, tortured, or even killed, these American camps were places where innocent individuals were imprisoned for no reason except their ethnicity because of racism. The Constitution did not protect these American citizens who were unjustly persecuted.

The memories of those years spent in captivity brought unpleasant pieces into the puzzle of their lives. They were often challenged beyond imagination as they languished in unsavory conditions of living for years. Some of the people could not endure the trials they faced in being suddenly removed from the normal society and losing nearly all their earthly possessions as well as their freedom. Their lives had little meaning at that time.

It is up to us to put together the picture of our lives. We need to look upon each puzzle piece as a part of the whole. Life can be meaningful and beautiful, but sometimes it seems that the pieces of the puzzle will never fit. The hardships and trials which come into every person’s life can be overwhelming. The puzzle seems unlikely to ever come together in a satisfactory manner.

Hard work and perseverance are required to make the pieces of the puzzle of life fit together. The Japanese Americans who endured the pain and suffering of the egregious incarceration of World War II were required to work hard after their release from the camps in order to try and recover the losses of those years. They needed to start over to try and piece together the puzzle of their lives. It was not easy, but most of them did not give up when the going was rough. They persevered and kept working on the puzzle.

The puzzle of life can become a beautiful picture, but it takes a lot of effort to bring the pieces together properly in order to create a good life. We must not give up when challenges come, and we need to have faith that things will work out to put together the puzzle.

Source by Irene Mori


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