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LiquidText, the ultimate productivity app and Apple’s “Most Innovative App of the Year,” is now being integrated within all Windows devices, including the latest Microsoft Surface products. This is the first time an Apple “Most Innovative App of the Year” has come to Microsoft devices/platforms.

The application reinvents reading and note taking by allowing users to review documents faster, find facts effortlessly, see the connections others miss and then go past the limits of paper. While most productivity apps try to duplicate paper, most applications are limited in their capabilities – most of the workforce (80%) still uses the more traditional notetaking approach. That is now changing due to LiquidText.

LiquidText captures a users’ reading, notes, highlights, annotations and observations just like paper; but goes further to reveal their connections: to source materials and each other in a way which documents and maps a users’ project in a clear and shareable form. The app connects related notes into ideas and connects those ideas into reports. No other app on the market has this level of capabilities and user cases. For anyone using a Windows-powered device, such as Microsoft Surface, it delivers an experience never seen previously.

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