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Decades ago, the late, Senator Charles Goodell, said, Politicians are like antelopes, When things get tough, they paint their behinds white, and run, with the herd. While this has probably, always, been true, for many of those, in elected office, we have recently been witnessing, a level of empty rhetoric and populist promises, as never seen before, in recent memory. Since this has also been accompanied, by partisan politics, to the extreme, our nation, and its essential principles, of the highest commitment to American freedoms, and rights, has seemed to suffer, and be threatened! We have witnessed far more rhetoric and partisanship, than realistic solutions, and responsible, responsive governing. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine and consider 5 examples.

1. D.A.C.A., The Wall, and Immigration: The United States of America has been, and continues to be, a country, of immigrants, who have come here, predominantly, for a perceived, better life, and opportunities! It seems, there is a vocal minority, which resents this, even though, many of them, had families, which came to this country, as immigrants! When Donald Trump ran for office, he appealed to many of these individuals, by the level of his rhetoric, and vitriol! His apparent, biased outlook, seems to have propelled his focus on building the wall, along our Southern Border, although many experts, claim, it will be a costly, ineffective deterrent to illegal immigration, and/ or potential safety issues/ concerns. The negativity towards immigration, and Trump’s negative rhetoric, regarding immigration, has spread, to the discussion, regarding the so – called, Dreamers, and the legislation, regarding, D.A.C.A.

2. Tax reform: Trump appealed to his supporters, by promising them, he would reform their taxes, and implement tax cuts, which focused on the best interests of the middle – class. While approximately 70% of these individuals (according to most studies), will experience a small savings,. for about 8 years, the most significant impact, will be for corporations, and the wealthiest Americans. The politicians supporting this tax reform, have continued to state, it will enhance employment, etc, even though, so – called, Trickle – Down Economics, has never succeeded, in the past!

3. Politics, versus policy/ people: Senator Rand Paul recently gave a speech, on the floor of the Senate, condemning his party members, for ignoring deficits, now, while emphasizing them, in the past! In the past few years, we have experienced a level of partisan politics, like rarely witnessed before, and, thus, very little, has been achieved, by our national political leaders!

4. Make America Great, or Greater?: When he was running, Mr. Trump, emphasized his campaign slogan, Make America Great Again! In, and, of itself, this indicates a level of negativity, and rhetoric, because it seems to say, we are no longer great! Shouldn’t we want our leaders to focus on making us greater, and improving the life, and conditions, of all our citizens?

5. America’s freedoms: What has always made America different, better, and what we should and must stand for, is the freedoms, guaranteed, in our Constitution! Attacking the media and press, as Fake News, and pitting one component/ sector of society, against another, diminishes us, and threatens our freedom, and rights!

Wake up, America, and demand, our elected officials, represent our interests, and the national freedoms, rather than their personal agenda, political hopes/ aspirations, and self – interest! Don’t we deserve better?

Source by Richard Brody


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