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Greatness is living, thinking, being conscious, conscientious and genuinely realistic. But who wants that definition of greatness? To so many people, being great is flaunting reality and “living off the fat of the land without too much work for it”. A “good deal from fate like that” seems nice, but, I beg to differ. Greatness is loving to train, “climb the mountain” and do the work genuinely and then reap the real benefits. I would rather start from the bottom and earn it than start “with a silver spoon”, even if it means practicing the “lowest level of capitalism” at times which is recycling cans and plastic bottles for money. I would rather develop the equivalent discipline that “getting a good deal from fate without the effort” takes to genuinely have the skill to reproduce the results in every respect. So, I say again that greatness is living, thinking, being conscious, conscientious, and being genuinely realistic right down to doing “the moss backed” work it takes to earn anything genuinely. From the thousand dollars to the million dollars, winning the lottery and earning the equivalent are two different things in a sense. Would you rather win the “Mega Millions” draw or be Warren Buffet, producing the same money through smart work that can be duplicated without “luck”, but effort that becomes easy as you gain more and more expertise?

I end that long paragraph with that question because reality comes down to what we have the skill to produce, not what we luckily get.

I remember my Dad’s work ethic essence saying about winning prizes such as winning a brand new car on The Price is Right show when Bob Barker hosted it, “Sure you can win a car from The Price is Right, but, do you have the discipline to keep it running after you win it and drive it a while?” I now fully and succinctly understand his point. This is one of the points that makes skill superior to luck anyway.

Start thinking here: What does it take to duplicate “lucky success” in skilled, modeled and well-planned ways. It takes earning the ability to do it, without question. Reality “comes down to cold, hard cash anyway, not a promise of a check in the mail” in life. Indeed, productiveness that works is genuinely creative, not mystical “imaginative planning” without results that could have, would have, should have happened.

So, I have just given the genuine essence of the “do-do philosophy”, get to work. I am.

Source by Joshua Clayton


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