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If you spend any meaningful amount of time at all fishing, you have more than likely at least thought to yourself, “I would sure like to have access to a boat.” The thought of having a fishing boat is something that many anglers contemplate, but then quickly dismiss because of many factors, but the truth of the matter is that this probably shouldn’t be the case. You see, the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to invest tens of thousands of dollars or have outstanding credit to get yourself a very serviceable and effective fishing boat. What you have to do is change they way that you think about fishing boats.

There are one and two man fishing boats on the market today that cost a fraction of what a traditional fishing boat costs, but still enable you to access almost any area that you want to go fishing. These boats come in one of two forms, float tubes and inflatable pontoon boats. If you’ve never considered either of these one and two man fishing boat choices, it’s probably time that you did.

The best thing about these particular one and two man fishing boats is that they are inflatable which means that they are lightweight and can be taken most anywhere that you want to fish. The fact that they are inflatable also cuts down on the cost, which makes these types of boats affordable for almost any budget.

So, what do these types of boats cost? Well it depends, let’s start by breaking them down into the two main categories; float tubes and inflatable pontoons. A quality fishing float tube can be found for between $200 and $400. A quality inflatable pontoon on the other hand is a bit more expensive. These one and two man fishing boats will require an investment of $400-$1500 (depending on features).

One of the most important points when investing in any type or style of inflatable boats is to make sure that you make your purchase from a quality manufacturer. A quality manufacture is a company with a great reputation that has stood the test of time. Some quality manufactures would include: NRS, Outcast, SeaEagle, and Fish Cat. Many of these manufacturers stand behind their one and two man boats with warranties and/or money back guarantees, both of which should be looked for when making a purchasing decision.

The bottom line is that if you are a serious angler you should at least consider adding one of these unique boats to your fishing arsenal sooner rather than later. They give you the ability to access otherwise inaccessible water more easily that you probably ever imagined.

Source by Trevor Kugler


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