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How would you define “dancing”? certainly expressed worldwide and in an infinito of forms, dancing usually carries the culture and early formation of a specific area and therefore civilization. To me dancing is an individual expression of personality, usually dancers are persons of high sensitivity, not to mention great mind-body coordination and balance but also often dancers have a deep concern not only about achieving the steps but how they’ll be executed as to preserve the essence of that specific dance and that’s when it becomes Art.

Through Ole’ to Dance, a combination of a Spanish connotation of approval and encouragement, I’d like to salute dancing in all forms but specifically the one that carries my roots… Cuban dancing… a pillar to the formation and branching and leading to variations such as Mambo, Cha cha, Son, Rumba, Salsa, all originated in Cuba. Cuban Dance has travelled the world but it’s recognition as well as admiration remains intact. This becomes my main goal through Ole’ to dance to preserve the essence of the art that Cuban dancing is. It is my inheritance but contrary to most of inheritances I am willing to share it with my prospects dance students so that theirs lives are as fully enriched as mine has been.

Regular dancing promotes both physical and mental health, releasing all those “feel good hormones”.

Salsa dancing with its endless configurations allows for self expression and creativity. Truly it takes great dedication and commitment for anyone to learn how to dance, usually involves great amounts of time, energy and expenses but it is sum up to being worthy.

To a teacher the greatest gain is to observe and therefore witness the progress and transformation of the student often unseen and unknown to him/her. This transformation takes its next step on the dance floor by mastering fear of failure and expressing confidence instead, confidence in your teacher based on gratefulness but absolute confidence in yourself the greatest gift you can give to yourself. And so each step you take will be a mark but also a reminder of who you have become through dancing, now observable not only by your teacher but by an audience who will appreciate and admire and being in full anticipation of your presentation so you’ll be helping and participating in creating a memory. But mainly you’ll be your own author as your expression of your own personality is unique, unmatched and now has found a new expression through the Art of Dancing”.


Source by Dania Marin-Hoffman


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