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NY Post’s story of Francis X Cabrini Church, closed in Massachusetts by court settlement in sex abuse scandal, would be a good read for most Christians. After losing an appeal to the Supreme Court, they held their last service. An 86-year old member said, “We fought the good fight. We did everything we could.” When it comes to their religious congregations, that’s more than most Americans can say.”

Catholic Church spent $2M on major N.Y. lobbying firms to block child-sex law reform. (NY Daily News 5-30-16) The word “catholic” means universal. That’s a broad category that can accommodate everyone. The issue is, God loves everyone and we are all sinners, but He hates sin (selfishness and abuse) that His Word defines. In His sermon on the mount, Christ said the broad way leads to destruction. We must be willing to repent. God gives victory to those who seek His help. Paying the priest weekly is weakness.

Most Americans fit the picture of a church in Revelation 3 that is lukewarm with materialism. It thinks itself rich with many things and in need of nothing while Christ is outside, asking to come in. That He also represents “truth,” suggests we are missing something important.

#1. “Church” is translated from the Greek word, eklesia, which means “called out.” Members who give their lives to Christ are called to be like salt and light-in the world but not of the world, If our focus is on what we can accumulate, we have lost our identity with Christ who surrendered those things to make others His priority.

#2. The court action reflects opinion of a judge. A judgment is announced in Revelation 14 where the Greek word is krisis. The whole world is moving into a crisis. We sing, “God Bless America” but He can’t bless what He has cursed. We say, “In God We Trust.” but coming events will test who we trust. If we do not align with clear statements from His Word, it’s just talk and it does not matter if a “supreme” court says it’s okay, what’s coming will show that the confused systems of society as fallen, Revelation 18.

#3. The good news is that God can save individuals who turn to Him in spite of surrounding destruction. This is seen in the fall of Jericho, a type of the fall of Babylon in Revelation 17, 18. Rahab was a harlot living in Jericho, but she risked her life to protect two Israelites and was rewarded for changing sides by the sparing of her family and we find her in the genealogy of Christ, spelled Rachab in Matthew.

The Bible calls us to come out of Babylon, a metaphor for the confused systems of society. They include

** Medical Care. This is falsely called ‘healthcare,; but the relationship is inverse. The more we take drugs, the worse our health becomes because drugs to not address the true cause, which in most cases is something we put in our mouths, maybe for years. The drug adds a risk of an Adverse Drug Reaction which is also a leading cause of illness and death. The Greek word is pharmakeia in Revelation 18 which deceives “all nations.” A simple plant-based diet, pure air (no tobacco) and water instead of alcohol, tea or coffee, with rest, exercise and prayer will would help most people to reverse their dis-ease

** Education. The higher the education, the higher the cost and college education is mostly worthless with many subjects that are not needed for life. All the math most people need can be learned in elementary school, and we could learn the balance of reading, writing and speaking in high school along with a good general science course. Why trouble most youth with college courses on music, art, math, science, civics or English literature? It would be better to focus on learning a practical trade by which one can earn a living. The Bible is loaded with lessons on life. One of my classmates was made poor by tuition and spent most of his life driving a taxi; another went to work in his father’s gas station.

** Government. The Bible represents the nations of this world as fierce beasts of prey in Daniel 7, largely because of abuse by leaders. This author visited US Senate offices with medical literature to show prescription drugs as a leading cause of illness and death until one senator said, You are wasting your time-they own us, speaking of drug donations to their re-election campaign. They are acting in their own selfish interest while they refuse a retirement on the same basis that we get.

God gave Israel a law that was based on self-government and the US Constitution was great for the same reason that it minimized the need of Washington. The citizen was sovereign with some of his power given to the state and part of the state power yielded to the Federal government, but now that process has been reversed by thugs who care not for the Constitution in spite of their oath.

** Religion. Martin Luther would be in agony if he knew the movement he started is ending as church leaders are eager to embrace Rome, failing to see it as the harlot of Revelation 17 and fornication with kings is the church’s involvement in governments. The church wants laws like Laudato Si’ and Dies Domini (Sunday) with Parochiaid to help their institutions.

Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “When a religion is good, I conceive it will support itself; and when it does not support itself, and God does not care to support it, so that its professors are obliged to call for the help of the civil power, ’tis a sign, I apprehend, of its being a bad one.”

Revelation 17 shows a harlot riding the beast of New World Order–the image beast of Revelation 13, an image or look-alike to the Old World Order (papacy) and it will involve false worship that brings the wrath of God, chapter 14.

Source by Richard Ruhling


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