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Pythagoras is said to have set up schools to study this subject. As a Numerologist I believe that this discipline can be used to analyse important and changing influences that affect us and the world that we live in. It can also be used as an instrument for analysing people’s individual personalities and destinies.

Numerology is a positive discipline inasmuch as it supports free will and does not make fatalistic predictions. Instead, it focuses on the prevalent trends in our lives and communicates what actions and attitudes are required in order to achieve happiness and success. We always have a choice. We can choose to adopt the spirit of this advice or we can decide to go our own way. The latter decision may mean that we end up swimming against the tide, but, so be it. With this in mind, I want to take this opportunity to briefly discuss the major power that I believe, is presently affecting all of our lives.

The new millennium has a ruling number, as did its predecessor, and this would be a good time to explain the difference between them. The previous millennium was predominantly masculine in its nature and its governing number was ONE. This was the first digit at the beginning of each year until 1999. It signified an individual, singular, and dominant drive during its reign and men ruled the world. The latter part of the last century, however, ushered in a change causing the influence of the ONE to give over to the feminine principal that is governed by the TWO as in the year 2000 onwards. It was during this time that Britain voted in its first female Prime Minister and women began to move into key roles in a noticeable way. Margaret Thatcher, and Princess Diana, are two examples of this movement with many more to follow…

The TWO, by its very nature, manifests itself as a pair. It emphasises Duality in all its forms and covers any circumstances that provide two items or situations. Sadly, we have a symbolic landmark that expresses this when we think of the Twin Towers that were destroyed in New York at the outset of the new Millennium. The greatest significance that can be attached to it deals with relationships on all levels and the effort that is required in order to conduct them successfully. It teaches us that we now need to develop fellowship skills, in all walks of life, if we wish to lead more fulfilled and secure lives. Gentleness and consideration should be uppermost in our minds. This is because we are presently moving through a period of heightened sensitivity when we will all tend to experience feelings of vulnerability or an occasional loss of emotional control. An example of this, in Britain’s recent past, was the, previously unseen, outpouring of emotion following Princess Diana’s death. There will be an increasing and subconscious need to be treated with courtesy and good manners. These are important skills that have fallen by the wayside in the past few years leading to explosive situations such as ‘road rage’. The saying goes that ‘no man is an island’ and, after all, what good are we if we find ourselves isolated through selfishness or greed and a lack of consideration for anyone other than ourselves?

As this is now a predominantly feminine phase in our existence, the positive qualities that are emphasised will be of a maternal nature. We have seen this taken to extremes recently as an overprotective attitude has led to concerns for health and safety reaching absurd levels. Political Correctness is another example of the potential good being outweighed by obsession.

This is now a more intuitive time when we should work on developing our spiritual values and increasing our self-awareness. Slowness in taking action is favoured as the TWO will bring many decisions our way and we should not respond emotionally to these. This is a period of gestation when thoughts and ideas should be allowed to rise slowly to the surface and in their own time. In schooldays past, daydreams were considered punishable but in the future they will be viewed as a useful tool for progress.

The positive future will see us learning how to co-exist and being prepared to join together with others. There will be a spirit of co-operation and we will endeavour to work in a global way toward the common good. We will search for peaceful solutions and employ mediation in place of weapons.

The previous millennium called for an independent mind-set but the present one definitely does not. No one person or government will be able to go it alone now. This is not a cycle that favours independence and rewards will only come as a result of harmonious associations with others. Diplomacy and tact will be high on the Agenda. The uniting of opposites is also emphasised under this number and we face many challenges of this nature in our modern world. Some examples of this are the widening gap between the rich and the poor, or the shifting roles between male and female and the political and religious tensions between the East and West.

A negative reaction will mean that we will fail to appreciate or tolerate each other’s ways. Fear will cause us to see each other as potential threats rather than prospective friends. Both individuals and countries will use deception to gain imaginary advantage. Excessive greed will tip the scales causing our financial systems to fluctuate wildly. We will be largely oblivious to others needs and will fail to put effort into friendships as well as personal relationships. We could see the world’s population splitting apart or splintering with both personal and international relationships coming to a sudden and abrupt end. An increased level of violence will occur and materialism will spiral out of control until our present systems collapse. This will result in our being completely unprepared for the world crises that will arise during the next decade.

One of the greatest tests that the world’s population will have to face during this time will be that of mutual existence. The present millennium will judge us on our ability to live alongside each other. This will undoubtedly be a difficult lesson to learn, as it will require a change of attitude from us all. We will need to overhaul our personal prejudices and cease the tendency to live apart from each other. This applies both in personal relationships and global ones. A negative example of the TWO manifestation is now known as 9/11 when the city of New York experienced the destruction of the Two towers by a terrorist attack.

A worrying aspect that will cause concern over the next few years will be to do with an increasing level of government control. Communism arose during a period in our past when the negative influence of the TWO was at its height. This led to the inevitable police state and a Two-tier society. The general populace lived in relative poverty and under a strict regime behind the Iron curtain while their masters led an entirely different lifestyle. The tendency now will be for western governments to instil tighter control over their populace for reasons of National Security but the inherent danger here should be obvious. Sadly, Apathy has a likelihood of setting in as it is one of the negatives during this millennium and this could cause us to sit back and accept whatever is handed to us! Tao Buddhism suggests that ‘ The price of freedom is constant awareness’.

I have written a short article on a large subject but I hope, however, that I have communicated the message successfully. For those of you who wish to expand upon this topic, my web site address is provided below. At the end of the day, no matter who you are or what nationalities you belong to, we all want the same things and share the same basic fears. The secret is to treat others as you would want be treated in turn. If we can all make the effort to do this then we will be able to look forward to a bright and peaceful future.

Source by Peter Dobrovic


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