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GlassesUSA.com — the premium online eyewear retailer beloved for its accessible pricing — recently announced an exclusive partnership with Champion for a new eyewear capsule and the retailer will be the exclusive online reseller for the full Champion Eyewear Capsule collection.

The Champion Eyewear Capsule pays homage to “the nostalgic trend of the athleticwear brand, as well as from R&B, Jazz, architecture and art-deco,” and features gemotric silhouetted coupled with 18kt golda accents and logo details. Notably, the series includes the luxe Hex model — the 2020 Design Excellence Awards finalist of the Accessories Council. The hexagon-shaped eyewear is plated in 18kt gold and retails at $500.

The entire vintage-inspired Champion Eyewear Capsule is available to purchase online, exclusively through GlassesUSA.com with prices starting at $154 USD.

Image Credit: GlassesUSA.com, Champion

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