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Body language is one of the most direct forms of communication in society today. It comes as no surprise that it was the first form of communication that mankind used, long before words or even simple grunts. Body language and gesturing can add meaning and clarity to your voice and give impact to the message that you are trying to deliver. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, whether you are firmly telling someone off, or using a gentle approach, your body language automatically reflects and moves in harmony with your emotions.

Not only does body language reinforce your message, but hand signals more seriously reflect your desire to have your message taken seriously. Anyone who watched the recent elections knows how a politician looks when they are speaking in front of an audience at a podium. You can witness the well-schooled mechanics of the hand’s motions a politician makes as they are precise and controlled throughout the speeches. There is rarely a wasted movement and only those specific to paint a clear and accurate picture of what the politician wants to convey is shown.

The controlled use of gestures isn’t specific to politicians or public speakers. Experienced lawyers, movie stars and anyone that spends a significant amount of time in front of the public becomes well trained in emphasizing their messages through well thought out gestures. Through the intelligent use of timing and controlling their actions all while moving in synchronicity with their spoken words and responding correctly to the environment around them. It’s amazing to watch someone who is well trained in the manipulation of body language court and woo people that they want, and completely dismiss others with just the use of physical signals in conjunction with basic words and phrases.



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