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All of life is welcoming you into a new reality, which is unfolding and emerging right before your eyes. You may not see this new reality with your physical senses yet, but your body, your consciousness, your intuition and your dreams are already actively involved in this new spiritual consciousness that is emerging. A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in approach or assumptions. It involves a change in perception, not only in our thoughts but a corresponding behavioral change

You may have noticed changes in your consciousness, your awareness, and the ways that you look at life. There is a process of spiritual awakening that is happening on the Earth right now, which many are beginning to feel in their hearts. Our priorities are shifting, and life is asking us to love more, to let go of old grudges and pain, and to move forward in life with consideration and awareness of the Earth and the others in our lives.

Our old ideologies of wealth, power, productivity, and family, are breaking apart and being replaced by new structures causing a cascading butterfly effect through the entire social system. Standardized industrial based environments get replaced by cheaper, more cost effective technologies, leading to downsizing and outsourcing.

The education system adapts to the needs of the Industrial Platform creating standardized

Testing and right answer based teaching, shelling out right answer based students rather than big picture, goal oriented students need to survive in the new Technological, Thought based Business model. Calling for a change in education to more of a “Big Picture” style of teaching,

Ideally shifting your paradigms will allow you to change from who you think you are, to who you truly are. It is a movement from the accepted paradigm, to a new one, a restructuring of the patterns we rely on for decision-making, and is the only way to achieve a better outcome.The problem with a paradigm shift is that you do not know you are in it, until the new paradigm becomes the ‘conventional wisdom’ (rarely do people like Einstein come along and write a small book and shatter a paradigm, as he did overturning Newtonian physics which had dominated for hundreds of years and, within the scientific community, was the prevailing paradigm of thought). The process the mind goes through during a paradigm shift is, to many, fascinating.

As this change in the collective transcends from unconscious to conscious, one by one this new paradigm finds a place in our conscious behavior, bring this new shift to the attention of others via word of mouth, videos, books, television, internet. Once this change has reached a level of awareness social implementations begins leading to its excepting as a social norm, all awhile a new social paradigm shift is emerging bringing us to that new level of understanding.

With the constant evolution in intellectual property and social based technologies the flow between the conscious inception to the conscious mass is getting shorter, and far exceeding the capabilities to implement social change through the industrial bureaucracies’ that our forefathers have in place.

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Source by Jerry A McKinney


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