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Have you ever seen a butterfly die?

I know you’ve tried to trump many

Because you couldn’t stand its beauty

Nor its natural drive

To fly from your country

To have no frontiers

You’re the love I never asked for

The one who takes everything from me

Gives me back some

Takes away some

I’m the winged principle you despise

That yet you know nothing of

Dear America, did you adopt me because you had no choice when I arrived to your doorstep? Or do you despise the fact that you had to take me in? Do you despise me and forsake me the same way your other natural child who is drunk every other day denies that he has a son? Or like the woman who could not care less if one of her many daughters has not arrived home since last Friday, but it’s not a big deal for her since it’s one less mouth to feed-no longer a problem. And if they’re called natural then what is so natural and normal about them. Am I not normal then? Not natural? Then perhaps I mustn’t be from this Earth, and I guess that’s why you call me “alien.”

Well I am no alien-my limbs are rightly and shortly proportioned, my eyes are brown, and my skin is on the right color scale for earthly creatures-and perhaps I haven’t noticed I am because this disguise is my safe haven. My skin tone deceives you, but my accent makes you question me. Looking through my costume, if you were to put me in court, and fight for custody, you would just return me to the beautiful parent who gave birth to me; even though she disliked me because of free-thinking would not adhere to the norms of corruption.

Your favorite children are supposed to lead the family. Great leaders are admired, but instead, now they are ridiculed and they are nothing but deceivers. You disposed of good traits for the sake of letting deceivers rule those who cannot rule themselves. It is an excusable, but false, Mandate of Heaven. You put someone who is perceived to be my enemy on the top along with someone who does not care about me either, and championed them, and did nothing to defend me as I witnessed everything without complaining.

I’m not my own, and I am not yours, but rather I am bound to my ideals, I am a principle. I do not own what I say, or own what I do; thus I am not free, like your children. I have to remind you that I cannot be myself, because I am an example. That’s the reason I have no voice of my own but am rather a collection of chants who say, “Viva La Raza!” If we have come a long way for Martin Luther King, and Caesar Chavez to show you that my people are truly promising with the right help, and if you are willing to throw that away in one term, is that not similar, excuse my harsh words, to throwing away a baby to the trash? Throwing a human away before you watch it grow because you will never find out his/her true potential. Will you continue to let me grow, I don’t mind if I’m bound, and let me tell you, that is better than to be disinherited.

And to save myself from your well-thought destitution, should I sell myself to a loveless marriage based on paper? Or should I go through years of “freedom through labor”? I am just waiting for you to execute me and to grab my kind and make the third biggest tragedy seen. First it was the slaves, then it was the Jews, the gays, and then the Italians, Japanese, and now it’s going to be my kind? Are you going to let yourself go through that just so you could “prosper”? Who promised you prosperity and renewal? When you keep forgetting your oldest promise that should be the same one for everyone-freedom. Well, I’m still waiting for my turn.

What of those who will never meet their true love? Those that will betray themselves for one of your natural-born, perhaps just for papers. That’s how desperate and how real the fear is among my people now; they’re desperate enough to cheat the ones that would one day love them unconditionally for a piece of paper that gives them your permission to be yours; bound by heaven to be together-never out of love. Something is not right. But then again, we have few rights.

Call me “Rapist,” call me “criminal,” and I will no yield to your aggravations. Because “the good act quick but the wise are quiet.” I don’t mind the burdens you put on me, the name-calling the opportunities that are taken away or not offered, the discrimination, the secrecy. I don’t mind it, because I am still a pillar of many hearts, both of my own people and your children combined. I could be Atlas for them. Put me in the front-line and I will demonstrate that it is not only me who is like this.

I teach your kids many subjects. I don’t get paid. You don’t allow me to get paid, even if I work for others who wish to do it but can’t. The other day one of your children was hungry and I bought her food because people need to eat-I think you just forgot to feed her that day. I think many are hungry. I can only afford to feed some sometimes-no pay, remember? But that’s okay, because if working is not for me, then studying is. Your education is what saved me. You gave me education that I had to win, which could otherwise never even dream to afford, and then you don’t let me work to pay it. That’s okay, I can take it, as long as you don’t evict me.

I take care of your children because I love them. I think they could be great people one day. Even if you break my heart, or some of them do, I will not stop loving them, because they are what keep me going. Unconditional love is what your system of education taught me. I’ve learned well from you. I am good because of you, and good for you. Just let me show you; allow me to stay. If I ask for that, I am not Medea who asked to stay for a day to be a fiend, because I hope you realize by now who I am. I am a principle, an example, and a unity of thought, not just myself but also my people. I hope this is not my last entry to you, America, because I love you, oh country of stars, whose good children want to save me, whom I tell them, “It’s not just me, it’s you who needs saving as well.”

The whole world believes in you. You are the hope of everyone who believes in freedom. Ask the child of another parent who has been incarcerated for trying to think freely, like your children. Some of your children, and some of my own whom you’ve taken in, are the hope of this future and the leaders of many causes, because they know what true freedom is. Whereas if children from other places talk ill about their parents, they’re not only bound to let their ideals burn them, they’re chained to their stance and bound to a room without scape-or worse.

I remind your children, in the words of your estimated Hamilton, “… the crisis at which [us, the success-driven] are arrived may with propriety be regarded as the era in which that decision is to be made; and a wrong election of the part we shall act may, in this view, deserve to be considered as the general misfortune of mankind.” This decision before them, as any other implacable and monumental decision, that has decided our faith and the faith of the rest, will be the last attempt of humanity to establish a nation with freedom, justice, and happiness for all, shall be made for the betterment of not just a nation, but for everyone’s kind.


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