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These multi-tasking shirts by MerinoTech+ are ideal for busy travelers. The garments ensure that wearers don’t need to change clothes when transitioning from a plane to a business meeting, thanks to their clean style and wrinkle-resistant features.

MerinoTech+ creates merino wool-based, odor-resistant, stain-repellent and reversible pieces that seamlessly fuse style with function. Additionally, the clothing company’s material of choice boasts moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating qualities, making it versatile for changing weather conditions.
This multi-tasking shirt concept also features a versatile pocket system on the merino side, where one can keep a passport, keys, or even their business cards. The shirt’s hidden microfibre cloth is another handy must-have, while its detachable hood is ideal for those caught in the rain, or those looking to nap while commuting.

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