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•License and download this music track for your projects here: https://audiojungle.net/item/motivational-corporate-uplifting-inspiration/19968897
•Starting price $19 (Regular Licence).

Motivational Corporate Uplifting Inspiration is a highly motivated and uplifting track with hopeful, beautiful, fresh and energetic vibe, inspiring piano and guitar lines and progressions, catchy and memorable guitar melody, upbeat and groovy drums and bass and it’s aim is to lead you to the top of your expectations and your dreams ,to the top of the goals that you set, to the top of the world!!!

With this track you will experience the joy and the excitement of the trip but you will also taste the extraordinary sense of success and personal fulfillment that it’s finish line hides…!!!

Instruments features palm muted electric guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar harmonics, lead electric guitar, piano , drums, bass and crowd claps

This track can suit perfectly in: TV commercials, motivational films, slideshows, brand advertising, Youtube videos, corporate films and videos, business presentations, uplifting and inspiring projects, lifestyle and travel, sport videos, promotional videos

For more tracks by artsygoat, visit artsygoat’s exlusive profile at: https://audiojungle.net/user/artsygoat

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