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During the 2016 election, there was lots of talk about jobs, mostly lost jobs to crumbled industries. Sectors of our economy, which were once healthy and vibrant, but we traded them away to other nations, are terrible trade deals. It is correct to say that most of the major trade deals we’ve made haven’t been good for our economy in the long-term.

Sure they may have won us brownie points on the international stage and helped us out ‘client nation’ other former superpowers and slowed down an emerging superpower – but to what avail, if we don’t have decent jobs for our citizens?

You should see the destruction we’ve done in the mining sector for no real reason today. We have incredible mining technologies to prevent environmental damage, but good luck trying to get that going again. How can we compete with manufacturing when the entire supply chain from resources to the finished automobiles has been trashed? We are so much better than this.

We’ve allowed our industrial capabilities to be crushed, and we have politicians pandering to the vocal minority and incited media rather than by reason and reality. It should not cost 50 million dollars in EIR work and lawyers to get a refinery approved or a new strategy to add clean-coal technology to an existing coal-fired energy generation plant that has existed burning coal for power for 50-years.

Did we want clean and cheap energy?

No, we want to hijack the fossil fuel industry to divert the wealth of the industry to new, unproven alternative energy folks who are friends or relatives of Pelosi, Reid, or donated big bucks to the Obama Administration’s elections. And it isn’t just the Democrats joining the crony-capitalist feeding frenzy, because when the money flows in politics.

People line up and throw their politics out, they want to get rich, the problem is we, the taxpayers, get screwed, and now we pay again in higher energy costs for the subsidies and inefficiencies.

Our companies are less competitive with higher costs in energy for manufacturing, industry, mining.

Thus it is even harder to compete on top of the four items I previously mentioned. Of course, I digress again. The point is terrible policies, cronyism, and attacks on our corporations from unions, class-action lawyers, over-regulation, and foreign influences have us running at 1500 RPM when we redline at 5,000 RPM. Think about this, because it is fixable.

Source by Lance Winslow

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