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Have you ever stopped to think about why different forms of dance developed? For instance, how did modern dance become so popular? That question has an interesting answer:

(1) this type of dance came into existence because some dancers were tired of the strictness of ballet,

(2) they wanted the freedom to create unique and new dance moves, and

(3) they didn’t want to follow a set of rigid rules.

If you’re interested in modern dance, you’ll want to read this article for some interesting information.

Ballet is a beautiful art form. However, it also follows a strict set of rules. The moves are hundreds of years old and performed the same way by everyone. This uniformity looks great on stage, but some dancers want more freedom than ballet offers. Modern dance was born because some dancers decided to rebel against traditional ballet.

The main difference between modern dance and ballet is that modern dance offers more freedom. It focuses on the dancer’s or the choreographer’s interpretation of the music. If the dancer or choreographer wants a step that requires crawling around on the floor, then it’s fine. Any step is permissible with this art form.

Ballet, on the other hand, is very structured. A dancer or choreographer can’t include any steps that aren’t an accepted part of the art form. The steps are set in stone and must be done exactly as they’ve been done thousands of times before. There’s no doubt that the dancing is beautiful. However, some dancers and choreographers prefer more freedom.

Modern dance is more relaxed than traditional ballet. In the early years, dancers often performed barefoot and wore anything they desired. This was a statement against the slippers and costumes worn by ballet dancers.

Unlike with ballet, modern dance encourages the creation of new steps. Dancers and choreographers are free to create new steps based on their moods and emotions. They don’t always have to stand or move a certain way. Although the modern dance movement developed as a rebellion against ballet, ballet is still the starting point for most professional dancers.

Source by Fred Wild


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