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Crown—one of the companies that lead the industry in dermatology drugs, products, and devices—has recently unveiled a brand new microbiome webinar series titled ‘Beauty and the Bacteria.’ Hosted by Chief Science Officer, Thomas Hitchcock, Ph.D., the initiative seeks to connect consumers to leaders in microbiome research. The content will work to shine a light on “Crown’s cutting-edge research into the world of the skin microbiome, [as well as] debunk some of the fallacies associated with traditional skincare.” Alongside the microbiome webinar, Crown announced the opening of its state-of-the-art microbiome research facility.

“With the series, we wanted to allow the viewers to join us in investigating the skin’s entanglement with the microorganisms that live on and in it,” said Dr. Hitchcock. “Our intention is to help the viewers really understand what the skin is truly composed of, which is much more than just human cells, and how daily habits can either hurt or help the symbiosis that is important for ultimate skin health.

Image Credit: Crown

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