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Dr. Michael Beckwith was one of the teachers in the movie, “The Secret” that was based on Wattles’ “Timeless Classic”. The movie went on to explain how Law of Attraction could help you attain desired goals in life. May it be finance or health, you can actually improve every area of your life through positive thinking. After the phenomenal success of “The secret”, Michael Beckwith joined hands with Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield to introduce a new global concept, “The SGR Club”, a step-by-step program designed to teach people the many ways to master the law of attraction and how to make it work.

Dr. Michael Beckwith supports the Law of Attraction saying it can not only be used to acquire wealth but also to attain mental peace and satisfaction. People practicing this law would know how it influences our actions and the final outcome. It may not be a quick fix solution to inevitable challenges life hurls at you but it can definitely give you the strength and the clarity to plan your actions so that the outcome is in your favor. As Wattles rightly said in his book, there is a “certain way” to do things and anyone who does it in that way knowingly or unknowingly will become rich.

The SGR club hosts weekly action meetings or WAM to introduce the concepts of the Science of becoming wealthy to the audience. Bob Proctor offers personalized training to participants during these meetings to help them master the Law of Attraction. Participants are also given CDs that contain lessons introduced by Dr. Michael Beckwith. While these lessons have been summarized by Jack Canfield, they are taught by Bob Proctor himself. The SGR club thus aims to touch people’s lives and inspire them to think about what they want so that they can actually get it one day – may it be money or good health!

Source by Rick Aurtus


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