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Metal wall art and sculptures have become somewhat of a fashion statement. They make individuals take notice and they make quite an impression no matter where they are hung. They are a unique visual enchantment and are as aesthetic and alluring as a painting. These brilliant structures inspire, delight, energize and uplift ones mood.

Skilled artists and craftsman work and create these pieces spending hours welding and shaping the bits of metal to create the final master piece. The metals can be bent, flexed, melted and hammered to create art work that you will be proud to display. Whatever sculpture you choose is certain to leave any viewer with a lasting impression.

These works of art can be for indoor or outdoor use. You can find them in modern, contemporary and abstract designs. They can be mounted on any wall in any room. Available in many colors, sizes and shapes, the consumer has a wide variety to choose from. Many companies offer to produce sculptures custom made with your own ideas and designs. Their unique characteristics allow them to add depth and dimension rather than a flat surface.

Many different metals are used to make these sculptures. Copper, brass, iron, wire, aluminum and stainless steel are just a few examples. Copper is one of the prettiest metals that offer versatility and will allow you to appreciate metal wall art indoors or outdoors. Copper has the ability to change color naturally and can be offered in a rainbow of colors. It comes in different thicknesses and can be sculptured to minute details. Copper can also be molded and textured in many ways creating unusual textures.

Brass is a metal that consists of both copper and zinc. Bronze is a metal that consists of copper and tin. Bronze alloys have the very desirable property of expanding slightly just before they set, thus filling the finest details of the mold. Brass sculptures can retain their color indefinitely if properly protected with the appropriate finish. The variety of surface finishes and colors available in brass is one more expression of the metals almost endless variety.

Iron is the most abundant metal and steel is the best known alloy of iron. Steel is very stable and durable because of its weight and metal characteristics. It is a versatile metal and very good for outdoor use. The metal is treated with linseed oil and turpentine mixture to preserve them.

Metal wall art and sculptures are wall decor that you will not find in every home. This will give you the added flair and uniqueness to show off your personal style. This piece will become an extension of you and be an inspiration for others. It seems to express without the use of words and the object gives the viewer inspiration.

Gazing upon metal wall art, these look more expensive than they actually are. This form of art will allow you to enjoy high quality art without breaking the bank. This art is extremely durable, easy to maintain, striking in its appearance and always looks brand new. Metal is also not likely to break such as other material like glass or clay. Some metals are heavy, so it would be wise to purchase mounting hardware that is rated for twice the weight of the piece being mounted.

Before you choose your wall art, select a theme as well as architectural style. You should also decide what wall you will hang this on. Large metal wall decor accents make for an inviting foyer decor, while small wall fragments can add an inviting ambiance to an otherwise plain wall. One option is to take several small pieces and group them together or you may want a larger piece and make this the focal point of the room. Abstract, geometric, flowers, trees, leaves and mirrors with decorative fringes seem to be in high demand.

Metal wall art and sculptures help tie together the entire look and feel of a room. They exhume elegance, beauty, charm and fun all at the same time. When guests arrive, it will be a conversation starter. This wonderful accessory will bring your family together. With its distinct style and grace, this work of art will ultimately give you pleasure for many years to come.

Source by Barbara Tobiasz


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