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Let’s face it; most men don’t have a clue in how to match jewelry with their clothing. It’s not necessarily that men are clueless when it comes to fashion; it’s just that most guys are interested in other things. With this year’s college football season starting this weekend, you’re more apt to be spending the next four-to-five months watching sports rather than deciding what piece of jewelry looks best with your new fall shirt. While you may find it difficult in knowing which accessories complement which outfits, don’t give up yet on your quest to look your best. The following ten steps will help you select the best pieces for any ensemble.

1. When your matching jewelry to any outfit, it’s best to start with the outfit first. Decide on what you’re wearing and then start from there. Remember, jewelry was designed to complement an outfit, not be the main feature.

2. If you’re wearing a dark colored shirt such as black, blue or gray, you will want to wear a silver necklace. A stylus or ball chain with a silver or pewter pendant is a perfect choice for an accessory. If light colored shirts such as white or a lighter shade of brown is more to your liking, gold colored jewelry looks best. Most men have either silver or gold jewelry. If by chance your collection of jewelry has both silver and gold, don’t wear both colored metals together. Stick with either all gold accessories or all silver but never wear both at the same time.

3. Never wear more than a couple of pieces of jewelry at the same time. Just like with female fashion, if you wear multiple rings and necklaces you will look flashy, not cool. Wearing just one or two pieces at a time will likely make a more appropriate statement.

4. Accessories that send one message when worn by a woman can and most likely will have a different meaning when worn by a man. For example, a lady wearing earrings looks sophisticated. If you put on the same item, some people will find you intimidating.

5. Do not wear a fancy tie tack on a colorful tie. Choose a plain piece of metal to keep a vibrant accessory in its place. If your tie is plain, you can wear a more elaborate clip on it. If you’re not wearing a jacket, do not wear a tie.

6. Watches are classic timepieces. You should have at least two watches in your collection. Unfortunately, there is no one watch style that fits both casual and formal styles. As such, you will need to pick out the proper watch for every outfit. Do not pair a sport timepiece with a suit. It makes an unfashionable statement. If you like wearing watches, invest in one for dress and one for casual outfits.

7. Cufflinks always look appropriate on an expensive dress shirt. If you’re a guy who dresses in coats and ties, your formal business attire will not be complete without this accessory. Cufflinks also keep your sleeves under control. You should match your cufflinks to your outfit. If you have multiple pairs of this accessory, pick the most appropriate ones for a given set of clothes. For example, gun metal pieces do not always look good on silk dress shirts.

8. The fashion rules governing men’s chains, necklaces and pendants are simple. A large necklace is almost never the best choice. You should always keep your pendants smaller than 4 inches. Anything larger is usually inappropriate. A simple rule for determining an appropriate pendant size is as follows: The longer the necklace, the larger the pendant and vice versa. Since the most common length for a man’s necklace is 20 or 22 inches, pendants ideally should be 1 to 3 inches in length.

9. Being the gentleman we know you are, you should never wear a bulky metal bracelet. The only exception to this rule is if the accessory is a medical necessity. Leather bracelets and simple link bracelets are acceptable for casual ensembles. Plastic is a no go for almost any accessory.

10. Promise and wedding rings are appropriate with most any outfit. The guidelines for matching your accessories to your clothes do not apply to these two items. If you have other rings, you should wear only one or two of them at any one time.

We understand that you may or may not be a fashion guru and that’s okay. If you follow these 10 tips for matching your jewelry with your clothing, you’ll be stylish and turn heads in a positive way. There’s one last tip you’ll want to remember. You should avoid large amounts of accessories and pieces that are too big. Every piece of jewelry should be appropriate for the style of clothing you’re wearing.

Source by Irit Zeevi


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