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Magenta Water Hedge belongs to the Alternanthera family and is perhaps the easiest species of this genus which you could attempt to grow. It is often referred to as “Roseafolia” by some groups and provides a beautiful alternative to many green-leafed aquarium plants, originating from the Amazon in South America..

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the plant is how it differs in this respect to other plants you may be tempted to use in your aquarium. The colour of the leaves are affected by the quality of light and nutrients that are provided in an aquarium environment as this is what encourages the leaves to turn redder. This is extremely important to the plants health, whereas it may do well in moderate lighting this has been known to cause the leaves to fall off. The total length of Magenta Water Hedge can be up to twenty two inches in length, a little over fifty five centimeters. A width between four to six inches is normally achieved and the primary factor here is leaf growth, which additionally relates to water temperatures.

It can also be a difficult plant, particularly for a newcomer to grow. It requires a good substrate, lighting conditions as well as potentially having to use both fertilizers and Co2 injections into the water to encourage growth. Cultivation can also be quite difficult, with terminal buds being taken and planted into the substrate. This has an additional affect of making your Magenta Water Hedge more bushy as side shoots are formed from this process. Cuttings can be left to float until they begin to form roots, at which point it is wise to plant them into the substrate.

One advantage of this plant is that it can take quite a good range of temperatures, down to roughly seventeen degrees celsius. Although other conditions do have to be quite specific, this is one advantage for someone who is considering attempting to grow. It is important to get plants which have been raised submerged or it will be harder to be successful in your aquarium. As long as this condition and a rich amount of nutrients from substrate, fertilizers or Co2 injections are met, your Water Hedge should do well. The only other factor to consider at this point is lighting, with two to four watts per gallon being needed.

Magenta Water Hedge is a lovely alternative to traditional green leafed plants in your aquarium and will do particularly well growing in the background if all of its needs are met. If you are quite confident with plants and are looking for something slightly different this would probably be a good choice for your aquarium and fish.

Source by Sean Norman


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