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In no other time in our history has there been such corruption and insanity coming from Washington and especially the White House. Trump and his henchmen have all but obliterated the Constitution. Now, with the world turning its eyes toward Syria after another so called chemical weapons attack on the Syrian people our fearless leader has taken it upon himself to interfere with military action that has global repercussions. Unlike President Obama Trump and his henchmen have made matters much worse than ever before. His reaction has been completely idiotic, something only a madman would only do.

We have to remember the current tensions in the Mid-East can be traced back to the events following 9/11. When the Bush Administration went to war from perceived information that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was the so called start of our continued military involvement in the Mid-East. We must point out that the reason of going to war was solely based on false information. Subsequently, this action by the United States destabilized the whole region. With this latest military action mimics our foray into Iraq when information proved false.

When the Obama Administration came in with Secretary Clinton proved even worse in foreign policy directives. Questions that even the Russian President keeps asking have shed light on how the West, the United States, continues to support continued military options instead of brokering diplomatic solutions aimed at stabilizing the region. Now, we have the Trump Administration with its supporting cast of misfits, warmongers, and other despicable characters. The insanity coming from this Administration is nothing more than criminal.

The madmen in Washington have engineered what is amounting to a prelude to World War III. The supporting cast of characters in this, what could be the final act in world history, are the financiers who have always profited when the winds of war start blowing. As a staunch allies of the United States Israel has positioned itself in such a manner that the slightest provocation could engulf the entire region in flames of destruction.

There is more to this than meets the eye. First off is the fact that Russia and China have for some time been positioning themselves to take down the monetary value of the US dollar. When the US dollar isn’t the world reserve currency an economic collapse would ensue devastating not only the United States but Europe as well. The forces within the financial world of Wall Street, the IMF and the World Bank are now in collusion fostering not diplomatic solutions but have now proved to be behind our decades long military operations through-out the world.

With Trump in the White House his triads, false bravado, and infamous Twitter ramblings have made the rest of the world take notice that America has turned into a Banana Republic. Now, with a war cabinet behind him and his eagerness to justify military action based on perceived information that like in the first Gulf War proved false just shows that he is acting above the law. Acting without definitive proof that Assad authorized two chemical weapon attacks with military action and without the Approval of Congress or first finding proof that chemical weapons were actually used and by whom proves again that Trump is being persuaded to use military action without justification.

The madmen in Washington have only furthered the insanity that has manifested itself to where the American public are being led like sheep. Brainwashed into thinking that America can do no wrong. This insanity of the Trump and his cast of madmen have to stop before the world is set ablaze either by war or by the continued assault on our environment due to global warming. There is a way to do so but we had better act before it really is too late.

Source by Dr. Tim G Williams


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