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Start Your Personal Family Connection Site

Family Connections Matter!

Three (3) Easy steps to build family connections
1) Choose our family connection theme
2) Create your family tree
3) Choose your categories and start engaging!

Wayne Smith

Setting up your Family Social Connection site is fun and engaging!

Marturar Family Connection

What are Knowledge Credits?

Knowledge credits, unlike college credits, are earned in the real-world at no cost to you, you only accumulate knowledge that will get you real world rewards, Not Debt! By simply signing up to knowledge up! And become an active participant.

Why Knowledge Credits?

We figure one of the best ways to reward effort and participation is to offer real-world tangible incentives that will impact one’s life. What better way to inform, educate and empower with meaningful knowledge?

How To Earn Them

-As a rewards member, you must earn 121 knowledge credits to enter the social rewards drawings .

–You can earn knowledge credits in three ways.

1 Passing one short exam from each "core" area.

2. By completing three (3) short real-world knowledge certificates developed by Book Bag of Knowledge scholars.

3. Passing our comprehensive knowledge up exam which shows you have a good understanding and grasp of the “core” areas relating to real-world knowledge..

–Drawings will take place once each month with the hope of increasing as we grow.

Accumulate Knowledge Credits From These "Core" Areas