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Kiev Ballet is renowned all over the world for the high quality of performance by the artists. Kiev Ballet is not just an ancient tradition; it is a way of living for many who love art and culture. What was not known to many westerners till Soviet rule is now a known fact after the liberation of Ukraine. Kiev is a ballet capital of the world just like Moscow.

Ballet in the city of Kiev is almost 150 years old. If you are a lover of this dance form, ballet in this capital city of Ukraine will charm your heart. Thousands of people, who are lovers of ballet, fly over to Kiev and book their accommodations much in advance to be able to catch a glimpse of the world renowned ballet. It is known for artistic accomplishment in the form of delicate movements and technical excellence. Ballet dancers from Kiev are considered to be some of the most brilliant dancers in the world.

The home to all the activities surrounding Kiev ballet is the National Opera Theater in Kiev. It was founded in 1867. All the credit for the recognition of ballet in Kiev goes to this national opera theater. One of the highlights in its illustrious career of nearly 200 years was the performance of Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Oprinchnik’, which was performed in the presence of the author himself and he insisted that his creations be performed at Kiev as he was too impressed by the performance of the artist there and rated them at par with the dancers of Moscow. You may be surprised, but there are 24 ballets in the repertory of Kiev ballet, which makes it the largest in the world.

The ballets performed by the dancers in Kiev have always been appreciated by millions around the world, and their artistic excellence has won them recognition from people and critics alike. Many known figures in the world of ballet have performed here in Kiev such as Alia Osipenko, Irene Kolpakova, Vladimir Malahov and bergvadze. All these come from the Kirov ballet school. Those from the Kiev ballet and known all over the world are Serge Lifar, Maya Pisetskaya, Nadeja Pavlova and Marina Tyimofeeva. Inspired from the works of such legends, scores of talented budding ballet dancers keep churning out from the factory of ballet dancers from Kiev. The rich cultural heritage of ballet dancing in Kiev is kept alive by such dancers and an equally enthusiastic audience who flock to see their performances in theaters.

There are performances that take place almost everyday in this grand theater, and as soon as the curtain goes up, the audiences are mesmerized by a magical world created by the brilliance of the ballet dancers of Kiev. The new generation of ballet dancers in Kiev is determined to preserve this rich cultural heritage and the likes of Konstantin Kostyukov, Irina Dvorovenko, Elena Filip’eva Vladislav Kalinin and vadim Solomaha are some of the emerging and talended stars of Kiev ballet are keeping the tradition alive.

Source by Tiernan Quinn


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