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Start Your Personal Family Connection Site

Family Connections Matter!

Three (3) Easy steps to build family connections
1) Choose our family connection theme
2) Create your family tree
3) Choose your categories and start engaging!

Wayne Smith

Setting up your Family Social Connection site is fun and engaging!

Marturar Family Connection

Why you should engage

Book Bag of Knowledge

  • Signing up and participating is a free no obligation process.
  • You have the option to participate as a rewards member or just a knowledge seeker, in both cases we Welcome and Thank you!
  • If you decide to sign up as a rewards member you will be able to participate and earn knowledge credits which can be redeemed for useful social rewards.
  • Regardless of how you sign up, you will have the opportunity to choose your very own personalized magazine style digital folder. This will allow you to keep informed about the categories that interest you.
  • Note: (These are not college level credits and thus cannot be used as such).
  • They are only used on this site to reward members.