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Nothing short of idiocy has come out of the past 31/2 years in Washington. When Congress has acted only to come up short and many times have missed the boat on so many pieces of legislation it is a wonder why the United States hasn’t sunk like the Titanic. A drop in the bucket is all that has come out of legislators in response to not only this Pandemic but the continued economic misfortunes millions of Americans have been facing for years.

With much hanging in the balance this election year no matter the outcome the sinking ship of state will only continue to flounder in seas of ambiguity. With a babbling lunatic currently as head of state America has veered way off course into uncharted waters. Not in recent memory have other nations responded with aghast, disgust, and condemnation of a sitting President and many others who have allowed the tirades, abuse of power, and the utter contempt for the rule of law to continue.

it might be too late for America’s greatness to return. The divisions that exist currently have no will to unify under a common good for all. One might conclude that this Pandemic was an intentional act to herd people into forced compliance with certain mandates. Unfunded mandates that placed undue hardships on an already beleaguered society. Since there wasn’t a national unified response and effort to contain the Pandemic when it first appeared hundreds of thousands of Americans have died and so many more have and continue to become infected.

When people looked for leadership in a time of crisis only to find out our leaders have failed miserably the time for retribution is at hand. Ultimately we the people have to act not like the French Revolution or the Civil War but to pick up the gauntlet that President Kennedy threw down 60 years ago when he stated ” Ask not what your country can do for you, but, what you can do for your country.” This was a rallying cry that unified a nation. He set the course for the United States for decades to come. We put a man on the moon, built the International Space Station, and did so many marvelous things that made America Stand tall in the eyes of the world.

We have to realize that pertinent reforms and policy directives must be put in play to charter the United States out of irrelevancy and back into the great nation we used to be. National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation are those pertinent reforms and policy directives. Implementing all ten will have profound effects on every American. Effects that will bring about the changes needed that will elevate every American to actually attain a better quality of life. And, in the process will bring in a new day for Americans for generations to come.

Source by Dr. Tim G Williams



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