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Kepler Vision Technologies, a health tech startup founded at the University of Amsterdam, has announced the launch of Kepler Night Nurse, a new software solution designed for elderly monitoring in nursing homes and assisted-living care centers.

Using Kepler’s signature computer vision technology, the new sensor and software platform is able to transform information received from a monitored video feed into readable text, alerting staff when they are in need. For example, if the Kepler Night Nurse captures an image of a patient falling, it will send an emergency message to nursing home staff reading: “in room 13 a client has fallen who needs help.”

“The work Kepler has done in creating the Kepler Night Nurse solution has the potential to be revolutionary for patient monitoring in elderly care around the world, and we’re glad that our cutting-edge camera technology will enable Kepler to fully realize the potential of its computer vision software,” said Marc van der Heuvel, Hikvision Europe business development leader for Benelux.

Image Credit: Kepler Vision Technologies

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