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It is the 21st Century and also the information age. Given that those who had iron in the Iron Age were kings; those who have information at their fingertips in this age will succeed. This is why the style over substance era in hip-hop is dying down and people are beginning to appreciate substance again. In this article I will talk about how being an opinion leaders can increase how you stand out in this era.

First we need to define an opinion leader so that we are on the same page. Opinion leaders are influential people in a group, community or society whom the others turn to for opinions or views. KRS-ONE is an opinion leader to lovers of underground hip-hop. In other words is he endorsed a certain underground artist, that artists sales would go up. Why? It is because he has positioned himself as a trusted voice in underground hip-hop. Other than KRS-ONE here are so many other people in the mainstream and underground whose views matter. You definitely want to become an opinion leader to make it in this industry and also to gain a loyal following. I always emphasize the importance of a loyal following if you ever intend to get paid off your work.

How do you become an opinion leader?

As a rapper as I also always emphasize you must have an image which is attached to a niche (e.g thug affiliated, back packer, bling rapper, conscious, political rapper). Now in order to be opinion leaders in that niche you need to study it deeply and also listen to the opinion leaders that are already established in it, watch what they do. Read recent news related to your niche and always say your opinion on the issues that matter as they come. Post it on your Facebook, twitter, blog or write a song about it. For example if you’re a political rapper you have to be conscious of current affairs in politics, you may even create blog posts and songs based on current events while the issues are still hot. That way you gain a level of attention from the buzz while people are still interested in that story. It may not be a track, but it may be a full bog post on your take on the issue, by so doing even people who never used to consider your music 9who are in your niche will get interested in looking for it.

Make sure you make an informed opinion and you are subscribed to many blogs in your niche. That way you get information as it comes, you can soon even fortell the coming trends and be one of the “early adopters”. As soon as more people realize you as always been the first source or the most informed source… you have established trust and they are ready to listen to you. This is why when R.Kelly was on child porn charges his fans formed teams in his absence to request his freedom, that’s how much they have been influenced by the man. You need a core audience that will stand by you long after the media dumps you. Remember you can be a media favorite for 15 minutes and if those 15 are not used wisely, you will fade to black.

Make sure the image you eventually choose is your true personality, if you fake it one day you will lose all that trust when you act as your true self. Be you. There are many people out there that are also like you and are waiting for a rapper that will address what they go through, so that they can relate. The more unique your character the more you will be a first. Hope this article has been helpful

Source by Michael Mupotaringa


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