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Insurance agents need to implement and revise new insurance marketing ideas on a regular basis. To have successful marketing campaigns, insurance agents need to be aware of how and where people search and buy insurance today. The #1 place where people research and buy insurance now is online, and through insurance websites. The agency website campaign will be the top lead provider for your agency if done correctly. For the campaign to be successful, it must have a strong online presence that brings local or national visibility to your agency 24/7. This internet visibility will build and bring traffic and lead generation at levels that you are probably not used to seeing.

So What Are The Important Steps To Make The Website Campaign A Success?

First agents need to develop a site that is not only rich in great content, but is designed for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A Lot of agents want to have a beautiful site. They think that people will go to the site, because it is so nice. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen. You need to focus on a site that is designed, so that search engines, like Google, will rank them high. Proper SEO for high ranking includes proper keyword definition, Meta tag formation, internal and external linking, pictures and/or video’s and great related information. The SEO goal for your website is to get it ranked in the top 5 page rankings for 5-6 targeted keywords.

Driving traffic to your site is one of the top 2 important things that the Website Campaign needs to accomplish. A great strategy to drive traffic to your site is through article marketing. There are a large number of companies that list and promote articles online about just about everything you can think of. The main purpose for article marketing is to get people, searching for certain information online, to find your informative article, either link to your website, or link to other articles where than can get more information. Article marketing is a great way to build trust with quality content, and drive traffic to your Insurance Agency Website.

Social Media networking is becoming the hottest trend to market not only for an insurance agency, but just about every type of business. Examples of Social Media for businesses are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn. These networks are great resources to communicate with a lot of people every day, and let them know what your business is doing. The purpose of business Social Media is to supply great informative information to all your subscribers and lead them to your website to get quotes and place orders. The #1 tip for marketing your agency through Social Media is not selling to people there. People don’t like to be sold. People are online to get information and be entertained. If you can inform and entertain people, they will continue to see what you have to offer. This strategy will get your agency leads and referrals to expand exponentially.

A strong website with article marketing and social media is my best advice for any insurance agent that needs to implement new Insurance Marketing Ideas.

Source by Kevin Rich Kennedy


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