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I continue to be astonished that there are senior citizens walking around without any measure of self defense whatsoever aside from just assuming that they will never be attacked. Hopefully that is true and statistically speaking the chances are in the average senior citizen’s favor that they won’t be involved in a physical altercation but that doesn’t mean one should not take extremely easy and affordable measures to ensure their safety should such an attack take place. By far the easiest, safest, most humane and cost-effective measure that any senior can take to ensure his or her own safety is by purchasing a personal alarm of some kind. Most of these personal alarms come in the form of a very small keychain alarm.

So how do these keychain alarms work and are they in fact effective in thwarting an attack at all? They work by emitting an extremely loud audible alarm that can be heard up to, and in some cases more than, a quarter mile away. That should answer the second part of that question with a resounding yes; they are effective in thwarting a potential attack. The premise with which these devices work upon is a very simple one and that is the notion that criminals and other would-be attackers do not want to be caught breaking the law. As such there is no criminal or would-be attacker that is going to want any attention drawn their way after they begin attacking someone and there isn’t anything that is going to draw the attention of others more than a really loud noise. So once a senior citizen finds themselves in a precarious situation involving another individual that is ready to attack them they would simply push a button and an ear splitting alarm emits. That ear splitting alarm is going to draw loads of attention at any time of night or day and that attention is what is going to scare the assailant away. Even if the alarm doesn’t scare the attacker away it will at the very least draw the attention of people that can help. All of this gives the senior a far greater chance of surviving such an attack unscathed then would be the case if the senior had no personal alarm.

Okay, if you are a senior and are still not convinced that carrying one of these keychain alarms is the best thing to do then let me add that most of these keychain alarms come with a built in flashlight. How could having a flashlight on your keychain not be helpful and if that’s what you need to hear to help you understand that one of these devices is absolutely imperative than I hope I’ve done my job.

Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer

Source by Carl Vouer


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