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Witricity is a new company that has taken electricity and turned it into a cordless transmission. The electricity that the electromagnetic transmitters emit creates the ability to receive electricity short distances without the use of wires. The receivers are tuned into the same electrical frequency and pick up the electricity through the magnetic field created. So what does this mean, and why is it useful? Well, not only does it create a wireless environment… it can save you a lot of money.

The Way We Use Conventional Electricity

We plug our appliances into a wall and use the electricity through the cord. Well, this also leads to “electrical vampirism” and drains up to 20% more electricity than we actually use. This 20% is daily consumption and adds up quickly to a very substantial amount. Imagine reducing your electrical bill by 20% and you can start to see the potential savings. Witricity eliminates the “electrical vampirism” caused by cords. The system uses electromagnetic just like our Earth’s magnetic field and the receivers convert the magnetic field back into electricity. The only disadvantage is that the magnetic field generator cannot be too far away. The design is actually relatively thin and could easily hide in the wall studding or behind pictures.

Witricity Hasn’t Publically Released It’s Product Yet as of 6/09

Their wireless electromagnetic technology product is set to release within a year. What a great invention and neat concept. We’ll have to wait and see if the technology is economically efficient and what the initial return on investment will be.

Another useful look would be Witricity and the use of renewable energy. With the information age it’s possible to create your own systems for a fraction of the price. Solar power and wind power generators coupled with the electromagnetic concept would make for extreme electrical savings. This would be a really great use for those who live off the grid. We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime there are great guides that can show you how to build your own wind generators and solar power systems. You can make your own systems that used to cost thousands for mere hundreds.

Source by Brandon Mchale


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