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Who else wants to raise their credit score in a hurry? Do you have a major purchase coming up? Thinking about applying for a job…..or a mortgage or even LIFE insurance to protect your family? It’s amazing how important credit is in our society…and if you are aren’t careful, your credit score CAN keep you from getting ahead in life.

But I want you to do me a favor. Close your eyes and…

  1. Imagine having PERFECT, unblemished credit for the first time in your life.
  2. Imagine having an ENVIABLE credit score of 750 or higher… and never being embarrassed again to apply for anything
  3. Imagine being able to get WHAT you want… when you want it, and knowing with 100% certitude you are going to be APPROVED, before signing on the dotted line
  4. Imagine simply being confident in your credit.. and never feeling ASHAMED, ever again, about what your credit says about you.

The truth?

You CAN raise your credit score dramatically… and you CAN make it happen in a hurry as well! Even BETTER news? You don’t need to hire an expensive lawyer, or credit repair clinic to make it happen either.

Here is the very BEST way I know to raise your credit score by 147 points or more… and often in 90 days or less.

I call it the OIPD system, and here it is below:

O – Order your credit reports

I – Itemize (and understand) your information

P – Prioritize your derogatory listings

D – Dispute or challenge them away!

Now…there are some subtleties to each of the items above, especially I through D. (Ordering is pretty straightforward) But ALL credit repair systems use some variation of my simple OIPD system above, and it’s actually MUCH easier than it sounds, especially if you are just beginning to understand how credit restoration works. But suffice it to say… as soon as you START disputing items on your file, especially those that are 2 years old or longer… you’ll start seeing your SCORE go UP… and your negative entries going DOWN, too..:-)

The bottom line?

There has LITERALLY never been a better time, than right now… to raise your credit score. With millions of people suffering from negative credit due to unprecedented economic hardship, the credit agencies are truly overwhelmed with work. (which believe it or not… makes YOUR job of repairing your OWN credit far easier than ever…especially if you hurry and get started today!)

Source by Ernie J. Gentile



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