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You’re playing as Kiryu Kazuma, a member of the Yakuza family walking down the Red Light District in Kamurocho, set in the scene of economic boom atmosphere in 1988 Yakuza 0 PlayStation 4 (PS4).

Living in the underworld of Yakuza is certainly not easy and always under surveillance from the family members. Playing as Kiryu Kazuma, battle styles ensures your survival against the enemies and future boss battles in Kamurocho.

As you progress throughout the main story, you’ll meet new trainers, which teaches you three fighting styles; Brawler, Rush and Beast. All battle styles depends on your preference and strategy towards the enemies.

Brawler Style

Firstly, you’ll meet Bacchus whom will teach you Brawler fighting style. Kiryu encapsulated by blue vibes, achieves balance between power and speed of battle on any type of enemies and bosses. Great for counter-attacking after absorbing hits and evade from enemies using weapons, pressing triangle to unleash Heat moves. So, buckle up to learn some new moves at the Tenkaichi Alley.

Rush Style

Secondly, if you’re more defensive. Then Rush battle style suits best on weaker enemies. The battle style, surrounded by pink vibes, focuses more on evasive action from the enemy’s attack (by pressing X swiftly) and hitting on the counter (by pressing square promptly). Kamoji will be your trainer at the Shichifuku Parking Lot to unlock new skills.

Beast Style

Thirdly, you’ll meet Miss Tatsu at some point of the Yakuza 0 main story to hone your Beast style of battle at Tokyo Pier. Covered by yellow golden vibes, giving the ferocious impression, swinging those heavy weapons with power and urgency, by pressing square with directional button, on large groups of enemy and finish off the tougher boss battles with heat moves by pressing triangle.

Dragon of Dojima Style

Lastly, the secret legend fighting style unlocked by completing the entire Real Estate Royale (Chapter 5) storyline. Special style with precision and relatively speedy style with great power. Put it simply, combination of Brawler and Rush styles into one. You’ll go through some serious grinding with patience to get the legend fighting style. Once acquired, you’ll need to go to the menu and press square to activate this style at the expense of disabling other battle styles.

Well, that’s the four battle styles essential for Kiryu Kazuma’s survival in Kamurocho, Japan. Grind those monies by investing in real estate properties, taking out street thugs, completing substories and other forms of mini games. Let’s get ready to unlock four battle style abilities in Yakuza 0 PS4.

Source by Heikal Suhaili


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