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How to Conquer a Man’s Heart



Every now and then, a woman finds that man who drives her absolutely wild. She may secretly yearn for a relationship with such a man, but be intimidated by the plethora of other women interested in him or his confident personality. The good news is that there are ways to conquer the heart of such a man. A woman can have any man she wants, she just has to believe it.

The first step in conquering a man’s heart is believing in one’s self. When a woman has self confidence in herself and has her own life, then any man will be instantly attracted tot his. A woman can not let herself be pulled in by a man’s charms early on in a relationship, or she may end up getting walked over. On the other hand, if a woman pulls back and makes it a point to be a bit mysterious in the beginning stages of dating someone, then she sets the stage for a potentially great relationship.

Another way to conquer a man’s heart is by not giving him everything he wants. Any man that finds an attractive woman will instantly want to have sex with her, because this is truly how the male mind works. If a woman wants to maintain leverage in a relationship, then that leverage is sex. The minute a woman hooks up with a guy, the quality of the relationship has just gone down a level, if not multiple levels. The longer a woman keeps a man waiting, the more and more crazy he will be for her. Even though the wait can be difficult for the woman too, the build up will be worth it in the end!

Conquering a man’s heart is not so much about focusing on the man, as it is focusing on one’s self. The game of men is to get women to think about them all the time. The minute a woman lets a man control her thoughts or manipulate her, the more leverage she loses in a relationship. A woman should simply focus on her own work, even if she is secretly yearning for a man. Keeping a man on edge will slowly draw him into a relationship, even if he does not know it.

Another key to remember is to trigger the feeling of love in a man. The more one triggers the feeling of love in a man, the more likely she is to end up marrying the man of her dreams. A woman should watch a man and understand his interests. If a man likes a certain female singer, then a woman should seek to understand the style of that female singer and emulate it in her own look. This does not mean that a woman has to change her appearance entirely, but it does mean that she can do a few small things to trigger the feeling of love in a man. For example, if the singer wears hoop earrings all the time, then a woman may want to buy a pair of cheap hoop earrings to attract a man. A man will instantly think of his favorite actress or singer when he sees a woman in a pair of hoop earrings. Usually, if a man has a favorite singer or actress, then this is sort of like his ideal woman.

Overall, there are many subtle ways a woman can conquer a man’s heart that do not require a woman change who she is. Instead, a woman can simply modify a few things about her style and confidence level in order to instantly attract any man.


Source by Jan Bernhard Loa


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