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Although prostate cancer is considered a deadly disease, over 2.5 million men in the USA diagnosed with the condition are still alive today. This is considered due to early detection and the introduction of healthy lifestyle changes that many of these survivors have been forced to introduce daily.

Health experts believe that an individual’s life-style has much to do with the development of prostate cancer, although nobody really knows this for sure. However, it is highly likely that with dietary changes and regular exercise, the risk of developing the disease is reduced considerably.

By eating fiber-rich, colorful fruits and vegetables that contain phytonutrients (natural chemicals that can be found in a variety of plant foods such as tomatoes [also called lycopene]) lower the risk of developing prostate cancer. These phytonutrients are also commonly found in fruits, such as grapefruit (of the pink variety), papaya, and watermelon.

Rezum Patient Educational Animation from RBOI on Vimeo.

Another high in fiber-rich foods that should be considered for prostate cancer prevention include nuts, such as almonds, flax seeds (linseed), whole-grain slices of bread, and cereals. All these foods tend to have the effect of helping remove excess hormones and toxins from the body’s system.

Findings published in the American Journal of Epidemiology show that eating fish once or twice a week can greatly reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by between 34 and 40 percent due to the fishes’ high omega-3 oil content. The smaller fish variety is considered better to eat than the larger ones due to a lower degree of toxins being found.

Research also shows, an excessive intake of dairy products, where too much calcium and animal fats can also contribute to the greater risk of developing prostate cancer. As with red meats, although high in proteins, when eaten, should be done so with moderation, as it’s overconsumption has, for a long time, been associated with a higher risk of developing cancer in general.

Where gaps that may exist within the body’s nutritional status, the regular intake of a good quality multivitamin may also be considered; in general, good quality vitamins and minerals tend to help support the body’s immune system by keeping free from cancer. Also, the regular intake of green tea has been associated with helping fight off cancer in general.

Regular exercise (usually considered to go hand-in-hand with a healthy diet) should also be carried out. Activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, and light gym workouts should all be considered healthy and beneficial to the body’s organs when practiced. Yoga has also been linked to lowering the risk of developing prostate cancer and should be considered where previously mentioned exercises cannot be carried out for any reason.

Source by Philip A Edmonds-Hunt



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