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New trends in society today are so often celebrity led or media endorsed, the media hooks onto a product, or a beauty secret, diet or fitness regime that maybe said to be used or practised by the “in” celeb of the moment.

Before you know it the public are demanding that product or service. In the fitness industry so many trends are media inspired. For example Madonna’s toned and flexible body helped re-launch Yoga to the masses. Once seen as a hippy dippy way to keep fit and supple suddenly becomes hip and trendy and the demand for Yoga classes and qualified Yoga teachers intensifies. Every celebrity from Demi Moore to Geri Hellawell is said to practice Yoga. The demand for training courses soared as health clubs and fitness centres desperately needed to recruit more teachers to cope with demand.

Hot on the heels of Yoga and the next “BIG THING” according to the tabloids is Pilates. Seen as an underground, unique and even cult like, form of exercise/rehabilitation suddenly becomes HUGE when celebrity magazines and the daily papers are full of Gwytheth Paltrow and the like all sashaying down to the local Pilates centre photographed carrying mats underneath their arms. General public goes into a Pilates frenzy overdrive, demanding to know what is it? Can it cure my bad back? Is this a form of exercise that the celebs do to stay ultra skinny and glam that we ordinary humans don’t know anything about? Can anyone do it, where can you do it? Book me in now!!.

Teacher demand skyrocketed and savvy Health and Fitness entrepreneurs and training courses providers step up to the mark to train up this new wave of holistic fitness teacher.

So, here we are again with Pole Dancing. Although not quite the same as Pilates and Yoga, Fitness Pole Dancing has appeared on the mainstream arena mainly through word of mouth, websites on the net, pop videos and the massive rise in lap and table dancing clubs all over the world. Think how successful The Spearmint Rhino chain of table dancing clubs are.

It’s now cool to be a Pole Dancer.

The Media hooks onto the concept and before you know it every sexy, cool celeb from Angelina Jolie (cool celeb of the moment) to Sadie Frost to Zoe Ball apparently have poles at home and are busy spinning and swinging around looking trim, toned and sexy. The Pussy Cat Dolls are now number 1 all over the world and entertaining the men is hitting the mainstream. Even Oprah has featured Pole Dancing on the show.

Pole Dancers have that certain something, they are athletic, sexy, spontaneous, almost circus like in their act as men gaze admirably on. Pole Dancing is an art form; you need strength, flexibility and the ability to express yourself through dance and fitness.

Source by Rachel Holmes


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