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Something always separates a woman who is sought after by men and one who is just left by the sidelines. The successful ones all have certain characteristics that make them stand out. If you want to know these traits, better read on:

A man magnet oozes with confidence.

And a confident woman is one who isn’t afraid to speak what’s on her mind, one who walks with her head held high, and one whose intelligence is far beyond compare. It may always be portrayed in Hollywood films that the damsels in distress get their guys but, in reality, they’re the ones who strut with self-assurance.

A man magnet knows how to dress up according to the occasion.

She’s never caught wearing drab clothing. She’s a woman who looks good no matter where you place her. She also knows how to highlight her best qualities and people never fail to single her out as a stunner.

A man magnet gets compliments all the time.

Many people would want to give you praises because you truly deserve it. It isn’t just your man that gets attracted to you but also many other guys and girls alike.

A man magnet is someone who knows how to keep her distance when pursued.

In short, you know how to play your game well. You don’t stop all because a man shows interest in you. You know how to play a little hard to get just so his interest in you wouldn’t wane.

A man magnet may look like a diva but she doesn’t behave like one.

You’re simply a woman who knows her real worth. No one can put you down because you’re certain about who you are and you know that you have the charm to captivate just about any man you like.

A man magnet knows how to play her way around men.

You know the workings of a man’s mind. It isn’t hard for you to point out all the things that make him smile and also all those that make him pout. You know how to analyze him because you how to interpret his actions.

A man magnet has sensuality that goes above and beyond what’s expected.

Men easily get drawn to you because you have a hypnotizing sexual energy. You’re not just good in bed, you’re also sexy even when you’re just conversing with your man. Everything about you points to only one thing – a strong, sexy woman.

Source by Krista Hiles


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