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http://www.carkhabri.com/carmodels/honda/honda-civic – Honda Civic is influenced by 1799 cc engine situated in crosswise direction and produce 132 Ps at 6300 rpm and 172 Nm of torque. The engine used is Honda’s flagship i-VTEC engine with 4 cylinders in line and each cylinder with 4 valves but Single Overhead Cam Shaft (SOHC), means engine shares a common camshaft for both intake and exhaust valves. This is a short stroke engine and produce maximum power of 132 PS@ 6300 rpm, the shorter stroke of engine reduces the frictional losses in engine and makes engine long lasting. The i-VTEC engine advantage is that during usual drive of Honda Civic you maximize the fuel efficiency and emissions and provide good bottom-end torque and while you are racing or utilizing higher rpm, the engine turns into high rpm performer. The fuel system in Honda Civic is another flagship technology of Honda PGM-Fi (Programmed Fuel Injection) which have the advantage that car do not have to sit and warm in winters because Engine Control unit calculates at what rpm and the fuel and air mixture the car requires to be at a normal temperature range, Thus achieved practical fuel economy and drivability.

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