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Many people would be surprised to know that hip-hop dancing originated from well in the 1970s. Many people are only recently learning about it because of how popular it has become in the mainstream. This type of dance is really a social dance style that allows people the opportunity to express themselves through movement. If you are interested in learning a dance style that gives you that same freedom of expression, you should consider attending hip hop dance classes in your area for an empowering experience.

Hip hop dancing involves a wide range of styles, including locking, popping and breaking. All three styles that comprise this dance allow some amount of improvisation on the part of the dancer, thereby making this style of dance a very flexible and expressive art form. Any dance classes you plan to attend will definitely outline that in the beginning. You can expect to be given free reign to express yourself through the movement while staying true to some of the traditional styles that were a part of hip hop dance from in the 70s.

Classes usually last from 45 minutes up to 2 hours depending on how intense they get. Because these classes are more about expression and not as much about techniques, people often get captivated in these dance classes as they have the opportunity to let loose and let their bodies express their feelings.

There are various skill levels with hip-hop dancing as is the case with other types of dancing. Depending on how much of that style you are familiar with, you should be able to know which one of the levels you should begin at.

Because this type of dancing involves so many styles requiring flexibility, there is usually a warm up period at the beginning of the class before the actual dancing starts.

To many people, dancing has become a very key form of entertainment. This is specifically evident in the fact that there are now many TV shows that showcase the talents of hip-hop and street dancers. If you watch these programs and feel the urge to learn some of those moves, then attending dance classes would be the best way to go about it. This is a great way to become physically fit while learning dance techniques that embraces freedom of expression.

There is not as much pressure put on hip hop dance teachers as there is put on teachers of the more technique driven styles of dance. This is perhaps why many students love attending classes — they have the opportunity to just play out their emotions on the dance floor.

Attending hip hop dance classes is a great way to get fit and learn an energetic style of dancing that seems to want to take over a generation. Whether you want to do it casually or become a competitive dancer, you can get some very valuable and rewarding experiences by attending classes in hip hop dance.

Source by Peter Kaestner


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