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Hidden Language in Many Insurance Policies Affects Millions of Coloradoans



Insurance laws in Colorado have become increasingly complicated, and many policyholders are finding themselves “short-changed” when it comes times to make a claim.

Colorado law states that, in the case of any ambiguous language in an insurance policy, the policy must be interpreted so as to reflect the best interests of the policyholder. However, for many people, this does not seem to be the case.

According to the Colorado-based law firm of Hull & Zimmerman, there are many reasons why policyholders do not receive the proper settlement they deserve from their insurance company.

Insurance companies write the policies, interpret the policies and then make all decision on the claim. They are both a business and a service – this often creates conflict between how they can make a profit yet also serve your best interests. And, unfortunately, studies show that your best interests are often overridden by your insurance company’s concern for profit maximization.

Additionally, many policyholders inadvertently sign away their rights. They may agree to a settlement without fully understanding what they deserve. Or they may agree to medical care too soon – which often limits what care they may receive in the future.

Experts agree – the best way to deal with your insurance company is to enlist an attorney as soon as possible, ideally before you sign anything.

The Hull & Zimmerman law firm has identified ten items insurance companies don’t want you to know – ten items that make it difficult for you to obtain all the benefits your policy entails.


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