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October 23rd to 31st is Red Ribbon Week, and we’re super excited about this year’s theme: 

Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free. ™ 

Because not only do students deserve to live their best lives, they deserve to be BRAVE about it. It’s up to educators, families, and community members to remind students that doing what’s right isn’t a challenge, it’s a source of strength and pride! You are invited to join Discovery Education as we inspire K-12 students to turn practical substance misuse prevention skills into a secret superpower that they can use to emerge victorious in school and beyond. 

Discovery Education’s Health & Wellness resources equip students of all learning levels with a science-based background knowledge of the most common types of substance misuse threatening their communitiesExplore effective refusal and exit strategies that students can add to their utility belts in case obstacles arise. 

Read on to learn how these interactive, easy-to-understand resources can be used to spark important conversations that will help ensure better decision-making throughout students’ life adventures 

Empowering Healthy Student Heroes 

Expand students’ knowledge of the impact of substance misuse on their bodies and brains, and empower them to explore refusal tactics and strategies for responding to peer pressure with resources from Dose of Knowledge – part of CVS Health’s Pharmacists Teach program connecting pharmacists to classrooms. Join Dose of Knowledge, CVS Health, and Discovery Education during Red Ribbon Week to participate in live events and activities to inspire critical conversations and support the health and wellbeing of our students and communities. 

Be Vape Free gives students the tools they need to understand the vaping crisis and to make healthy decisions no matter what the people around them are doing. Let students rise above common misconceptions regarding e-cigarettes and defeat peer pressure through the evidence-based CATCH My Breath program, so that nothing stands in the way of their success. 

Ask, Listen, Learn enables parents and guardians to provide the crucial support that students need to say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking and underage cannabis use. Encourage positive and open discussion with the entire family with a diverse array of science-based digital resources. 

Operation Prevention helps students embrace the power of healthy choices using eye-opening real-world storiesand mind-blowing brain science modules and videos. Give your students the go-to stress-management skills needed to say “No” to opioid & prescription medication misuse. 

The power of prevention is a special gift that will keep on giving in the lives of your young masterminds. Visit Discovery Education Experience for additional Health & Wellness resources to empower courageous student heroes during these challenging times.

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