Help Your Business Go Green!


Starting a green business is often considered to be a difficult task. However, in the wake of global warming, starting an eco-friendly business is actually a great idea to go by.

Green businesses must include environmentally conscious practices into a business from the very beginning. One can take a step towards sustainability by making their business eco-friendly. These business practices can make your company budget-friendly as well.

So, if you wish to avail the benefits of an eco-friendly business from the very day, here is a list of some simple practices that can make your business more sustainable with each passing day.

• Using less paper for printing is a way to reduce waste. For reference, just organize your e-mails in the inbox. Keep all the backup copies of e-mails and files on an external drive. Use sustainable paper and print both sides of the page, in cases where printing the documents is necessary.

• Use electronic signatures to reduce the use of paper. You can make a digital PDF document with digital signature fields for your clients. Sending invoices, contracts, and proposals through e-mails by attaching PDF files can be good as well. Such files require the client to e-sign documents and return them back to the sender.

• No one works throughout the night. So, turn off all the electronic devices in your offices at night. Turning off the office gadgets is not the only the way to save energy. Always pull all the plugs out before leaving your office. Design the office with fluorescent bulbs and energy-saving appliances.

• Do not throw away wastes outside the windows. Your office should have many paper recycling bins at every corner. Place a compost bin in the break room and in the cafeteria of your office. Thus, recycle waste by using paper recycling bins properly.

• There are many companies that are certified green in nature. Contact such companies to avail their services whenever required. To ensure that your supply chain is green, form a partnership with one of the green businesses. Seek the help of the green vendors for your business requirements.

• If you can afford to remodel your office, go green. From ground floor to top floor, your office should be eco-friendly. Construct your floors with recycled materials. For window coverings use fabrics that are made from bamboo. You can even make the curtains out of bamboo.

• Recycling e-wastes like old electronic equipment is very necessary to help your business go green. Donate the used cameras, cell phones, printers and computers to any charitable organization to ensure the recycling of e-wastes.

Thus, you can help the Earth to go green by creating a business that maintains some of the tips listed above.


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