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Wayne Smith

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A Man's Beard Makes A Statement

A Man's Beard Makes A Statement

So Make It Tight!

The New Product For Men's Facial Hair


*Designed to even out gaps
*With easy application done right at home
*Easily line the beard
*A professional barbershop look
*Easy wash off with face soap
*Give the beard an even black tone


The Product That's Changing The Game

Outlines Professionally

Fills in Patches in Brow. Mustache. and Beard

Turns Gray 2 Black

Now Men Have a beard filler designed to enhance facial hair.

My Cosmetic Project Journey

Why this product

To create a product that really works for men who want to enhance their facial hair for grooming.

All Natural

Create a product that looks natural, easy to apply, fills in missing hair, and easy to remove.

Great Balance

The product can be used on your beard, mustache, eyebrows, and gray hairs at the temple of your hairline.


Using my background in science we researched the market for the best ingredients for a man's facial hair

The results!