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“Each one of us, as long as life stirs in him, may play a part in extricating himself from the power system by asserting his primacy as a person in quiet acts of mental or physical withdrawal–in gestures of non-conformity, in abstentions, restrictions, inhibitions, which will liberate him from the domination of the pentagon of power.” ~ Lewis Mumford, American historian 1895-1990.

I am thankful for learning the truth about wealth, money and the financial services industry; my eyes opened back in the early 1980’s. That was when I had the privilege of meeting Buckminister Fuller during the last years of his life. His 1981 book, Critical Path, is where I got my first glimpse at “international bankers” and their far-reaching agenda of global control and domination. Having recognized their role in establishing an imperfect/unfair world, I wondered why.

In a perfect worlda corporate financial-services industry would not be the main educational source for understanding wealth, money, credit and debt.

But, it appears to be.

In a perfect worldmore people would feel safe to share the reality of their financial situation so they could see that everyone is in the same boat of personal debt.

But, alas, most do not.

Due to the social taboo of speaking honestly about financial issues, behind closed doors people suffer the effects of mounting debt in silence. Yet if such conversations happened in the course of everyday life it would become obvious to more people how the dependence on credit has become epidemic. Maybe then we would ask, “Why is this happening?” Though some may appear to be doing well, usually the only difference is the scale of their indebtedness and stress.

In a perfect worldthose who do ask WHY would do some research. They would dig into historical facts about money and the Federal Reserve Banking System. They would learn that the current system of money works against their best efforts and that education about money and finance offered by the financial industry is vastly incomplete.

But sadly, most never get started.

In a perfect worldinformed people would start to recognize that the monetary system originates from a blueprint design (established centuries ago) that, today, still defines their financial options. As a result, they choose to seek, find, and put their trust in independent sources of financial education and strategies and care not about any perceived damage to their social image that a lifestyle change might signal to those around them.

Yet these folks appear to be far and few between.

In a perfect worldthe “little guy” entrepreneur who makes this information available would be highly sought after by those hungry to do whatever it took to ensure their long-term quality of life.

That said, in the corporate world of huge marketing budgets, the message of the little guy can easily get lost on an un-level playing field of corporate persons. Yet the truth can make you free!

Source by Susan Boskey


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