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How important is it to know whether to use me, myself or I in a sentence? Very! English grammar is complicated, and unless you practice it every day, it can be hard to remember all of the rules. However, that doesn’t mean these rules aren’t important. Proper grammar is essential to making a good impression, whether you’re expressing yourself verbally or in writing. Whether communicating with a customer, applying for a job, or any other types of communication, it’s important to learn how to use English correctly. In many cases, you only have one chance to make a good impression, so wow them with good grammar! One common mistake is making the wrong choice when choosing whether to use me, myself or I in a sentence.

At some point during their education, many people developed the idea that we shouldn’t use the word me. Perhaps it had something to do with all the “Spot and I went for a walk” type of exercises. As a result, I often see communications that say things like, “Please give your requests to Suzie or I…” or “Please give your time sheets to Bob or myself.” Both are incorrect no matter how right they might sound to your ear, so this article will show you how to construct such sentences correctly.

The word I is only used when you are using yourself as the subject of the sentence. In other words, you are the one taking action. “I threw the stick.” This is simple enough, but what gets confusing is when you add another person to the mix. An easy way to figure out whether you should use me, myself, or I in combination with another person in the sentence is to temporarily remove the other person and see what sounds right.

Which of these is correct? Remove the other person to see which sounds best.

A. Sam and I went to the store.

B. Sam and myself went to the store.

C. Sam and me went to the store.

The correct answer is A. If you remove Sam, you now have a choice between “I went to the store,” “Myself went to the store,” or “Me went to the store.” It’s easy to see that the first choice is correct.


The pronoun me should be used when someone else will perform the action to, or for, you. Which of these is correct?

A. If you have concerns, please call Sandra or myself.

B. If you have concerns, please call Sandra or me.

C. If you have concerns, please call Sandra or I.

In this example, you are asking someone to call you, or perform an action to you. If you forget that rule, just remove Sandra from the sentence: “If you have concerns, please call me.

The pronoun myself should only be used when you are performing the action on yourself. No one else can do anything to yourself.


Here are a few examples of how myself can be used correctly:

A. I want to dress myself today

B. I’ll wash the dishes myself.

C. I got some ice cream for George and myself. (If confused, remove Greg from the sentence and see how it sounds.)

By using this simple technique, you should find it easy to use the correct usage for me, myself, or I. It may sound odd to you at first if you’ve been using these words incorrectly, but in time you’ll become used to it.

Source by Jennifer L. Walker


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