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HomeServiceGraffiti-Painted Homeware Products : Amour Collection

The Amour collection is a collaborative series between Swedish-born French graffiti artist Andé Saraiva and the Danish homeware brand Vipp. The collection features a colorful and playful street art design on sleek and sophisticated homeware products such as furniture and home decor.

Saraiva’s iconic pink-swathed cartoonish figures decorate Vipp’s products to create a limited-edition kitchen island and pedal bin. Both items were reimagined using Saraiva’s signature graffiti style. The collection is conceived as a celebration of love, which often takes place in a kitchen among family and friends. Saraiva’s design uses the color pink, which is often associated with love and tenderness. The collection aims to inject a generous dose of playfulness into conventional spaces.

Image Credit: Vipp

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