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Global online English training began to gain popularity in 2007. For most people, international travel was too expensive and time consuming. Traditional classes were useful, but they were only scheduled at certain times and locations. Unless you lived or worked in a metropolitan area, it wasn’t possible to attend. Generic audio books provided flexibility to study at anytime, anywhere, but were not always available at the level needed, from a very basic beginner to the advanced conversationalist who wanted to polish their skills. Program structures vary from one vendor to another, but the goal is always quick, noticeable results.

One of the ways that global online English training courses customize to meet the student’s need is through testing. The initial “entrance exam” provides them with a baseline for each individual’s current abilities. It measures comprehension, vocabulary and proficiency in listening, reading and writing. Tests are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the training to ensure the student is ready to move to the next level. These programs have been designed for use at the individual’s own pace. A course may take a month to complete, or it may take 90 days, depending on the amount of time and effort available.

Not all global online English training courses are created equal. Some online courses are offered free of charge and focus on basic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. It is up to the individual to study, research the options and to understand proper pronunciations. Audio files feature conversations that utilize vocabulary commonly found at the university level. Grammar, punctuation and guides to common idiom usage are resources that are offered with these types of courses. While this type of course is not for everyone, it can help prospective students decide if they are ready to make a financial commitment to learning English.

If you have decided to join a global online English training course and are willing to make the financial commitment to a quality program, congratulations! Online interactive programs utilize video streaming lessons, one-to-one interaction via WebEx or Skype with a professionally trained and certified instructor and access social networks that will connect you with other learners, worldwide. If you don’t have access to a reliable Internet connection or voice over IP service, don’t worry. Telephone and email options are also available.

Source by Marc W Anderson


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