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Glamour is Fashionable

Some people have a style that sets them apart. They walk into a room – any room – and the collective breath is taken away. Somehow they have the sense to combine simple elegance with a sense of glamorous self that is simply undeniable. They know that glamour is fashionable, and always will be.

But what exactly is glamour, and how do you discover it for yourself? Fear not, developing a glamorous style all your own is as simple as finding your attitude, your taste, and bringing it all together with no excuses and no regrets.

Glamour Defined

Glamour is one of those styles that everyone knows, but very few can truly define. It’s about pizazz, it’s about confidence, and it’s about having plenty of shiny things to create the look you want. It’s wearing metallic gold shoes with a white chiffon shirt and a leather skirt to a board meeting with a simple gold necklace and earrings set. It’s wearing a purple sequin shirt with black stilettos and a pair of jeans for lunch out with the girls. Glamour is the ability to pull off any outfit you want without looking tacky.

But beyond that, glamour is about balance. If you know that glamour is fashionable. Then you know that not every dark green emerald necklace can be worn in every place, just like the ladies and gentlemen of the golden and silver eras of cinema, you recognize that there is a time and place for every look.

Getting the Glamorous Look, You Want

So how do you achieve that look that has everyone wondering what you’re going to do next? The first step is to start with you. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking down the red carpet at the Oscars. What do you see? A yellow chiffon ball gown? Or perhaps something in a darker blue, sleek and elegant. Whatever you see, hold onto that image, that feeling. That’s you, in all your glory.

Now, find something in your wardrobe that gives you that same sense of confidence, of feeling alive. Let’s say that it’s a new shirt you bought, a dark red one that has almost a metallic feel to it. You know that you can do anything in that shirt.

The next step is to build off of that shirt to create an outfit. This is where you can play some, and don’t worry about getting it wrong. A pair of white jeans can be a great way to offset the shirt, and a couple of metallic shoes and drop ruby-colored earrings can be a great way to finish off this work. But don’t be afraid of using other colors and patterns to mix things up a bit. The last step will help to bring everything together.

One of the hallmarks of a glamorous style that has a great fashion sense is that everything works together. It looks effortless on you precisely because you put some effort into it. So take the time to use your make-up, jewelry, even your hairstyle to connect everything. Use a hint of silver shade on your eyes to communicate to the whiteness of your pants. Maybe a classic pink color on your nails with a silver bangle to bring out the fire of your shirt.

It’s All About You

The fact that glamour is fashionable shouldn’t deter you from having fun with it. Remember, your style is all about you. What you wear should make you feel good, confident, and alive. It should make you feel glamorous.



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