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Are you seeking information that relates to everyday life situations and challenges? not just any information but solid information you can use. It seems these days there are so many places and ways to get information that many people are overwhelmed. Since you are reading this article, while I’ll be you typed into the search engine, “Give Me Knowledge,” and do you know why you instinctively wrote that? Do you.

Well, it is because you are tired of the same old information and news. You want more substantive data and information. What you want is either wisdom because you are beyond the news, sports, and weather, or you want knowledge, real knowledge, not opinion or conjecture but real-world knowledge that you can use to better yourself and those around you. The thirst for knowledge is obviously something you possess, or you would not have asked the question.

Now one would suppose that asking the question is the first step; “Give me Knowledge?” Indeed this is one of the first steps to acquiring knowledge. Still, another key ingredient is to find a website with a unique approach fulfilling a need with real-world useful information. Also, it would be nice to get pockets of information that will truly enlighten and inform you.  Gaining useful pockets of knowledge and getting incentives like real-world impactful rewards is a plus. Do you possess some wisdom or some knowledge in a particular endeavor? Would you like to create your very own personalized magazine-style folder and choose your topics? If so, give Book Bag of Knowledge a try; you will be pleasantly surprised.

Wayne  Smith


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