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Trend Hunter’s Sarah Dos Santos talks about a more intense video game cosplay craze where cosplayers create and dress in their character outfits while posing in a setting similar to a screenshot of a game. Computer graphics imagery was used in some of the images to enhance the believability of the real-life screenshots. These real-life screenshots require a lot more commitment from cosplayers and when they pose in their video game cosplay screenshots, they look just like their favorite characters.

Sarah also shares her strategy for Trend Hunting, her favorite part about working there and what makes it so different from previous work environments. With Trend Hunter’s open concept offices, workers have the pleasure of sitting beside editors and working with the CEO and President. The ‘Fun Days’ are also great opportunities where Trend Hunters get to know each other and build a friendly and sometimes competitive relationship – encouraging each other to hit their goals and gain a more positive perspective.

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